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What to see

Valle de Castanesa (Baliera): It is one of those hidden valleys of the Aragon Pyrenees and unknown that displays numerous attractions. Retains historical remnants that stand in towns like Ribera, Denuy, Fonchanina and Castanesa own, offering a natural environment of great beauty and, luckily for walkers, also has several roads that provide access to all its charms.
Parque Nacional de Aigüestortes y Lago San Maurici: It is located in the central part of the Pyrenees divided between four areas of the Pyrenees: the High Ribagorza the culd, Pallars Jussà and the Aran Valley, in the province of Lleida, encompassing, in its central part, the territory of the municipalities Espot and Vall de Boi. The park has a high biological value. The steep slopes that originate presents different ecosystems.

Parque Natural Posets-Maladeta: A protected area that contains the highest peak in the Pyrenees. Within the park is of special interest to visit the sink or Forau d’Aigualluts. In this sink disappears meltwater from snowfields, primarily transported through the channels of Ésera (Aneto glaciers, ravines and Storms) and Escaleta (Mulleres) to Aigualluts Plan, at the foot of the Cursed Mountains where it disappears in a chasm of a 1m2, to reappear to 3.6 km away in a straight line (Deth Uelhs Joeu, Artiga de Lin, Val d’Aran) about 1658 m altitude, to reach the river Garonne and therefore ocean Atlantic.
Otros lugares de interés: The Romanesque Set of Vall de Boi, world heritage. The Turbón. – A clump of the Pyrenees, which has its summit at 2492 meters.

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