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CO2 VAPE PEN CARTR >Sku: FINP-CO2-1G-H-20 Ratio 1:1 CBD:THC CO2 extracted vape pen cartridge with cannabis derived terpenes. This system is part associated with the Entourage line providing spectrum that is full. CO2 vape pen cartridge is designed for usage utilizing the Trulieve Silver Button Battery. CBD / THC Information THC per cartridge: about 200mg CBD per cartridge: around 200mg The dose that is average the product is 5mg, two times a day. On the basis of the typical dose a 30-day supply is $42, a 50-day supply is $70, and a 70-day supply is $98. These numbers are based just an average of doses and may also never be relevant to any or all clients.

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